Terms and Conditions of
Brunel Independent Funeral Directors


These are the Terms and Conditions (the agreement). The agreement are the services carried out by Brunel Independent Funeral Directors on behalf of the client or as otherwise agreed.


All references to “us”, “our”, “we” and “Brunel” refers’ to Brunel Independent Funeral Directors. The full business address is Brunel Independent Funeral Directors, Unit 3, Concorde Drive, Bristol, BS10 6PZ. Estimate is the quote given at the time of the arrangement, this may change should the client add or delete services as required. Client means any person taking responsibility for arranging the funeral and that signs the required paperwork.

The Contract.

  1. For our Services as Funeral Directors, your contract with us will commence when we have taken instruction either over the phone, email or in person from you, and that we have agreed that we are able to carry out the services. If you have requested our services, you must accept that should you change your mind and not proceed with us then you may be charged costs for those services.
  2. If on occasion we are unable to accept or provide you with a specific order due to, delivery deadline, unable to source goods, stock limitations, etc then we will keep you fully informed during the course of the arrangements.

Goods and Services.

  1. We will do our best to provide all goods and services set out in your order with us.
  2. We will at all time provide reasonable care and skill at all times.
  3. We will endeavour to make sure that all services provided comply with your wishes.

Your Right to Make Changes.

  1. From time to time we may have to make minor and on occasion major changes to a funeral, we will keep you fully notified of any issues that may arise.
    Potential issues – Could concern the repatriation of a deceased, location or supply of a coffin and on rare occasion visiting the deceased may not be possible due to contamination and or natural changes.

Paying for The Funeral.

  1. The price of all goods supplied by us, will be the price that you will be given on your estimate as discussed in your meeting with us. Brunel will need cleared funds for the funeral 3 working days after the arrangements have been made or if agreed by Brunel at a later date.Brunel’s fees and charges will be for its services as funeral directors to our client(s). All disbursements will be paid by Brunel to third parties, i.e. crematoria, clergy/celebrants, cemeteries, newspaper announcements, acting as agent to our client.You agree that you are fully responsible for the whole of the funeral invoice. On occasion, despite our best efforts that we make an error or give an incorrect price on the invoice, the following will happen. If the error is an over payment, we will reimburse you immediately. If the error is an under payment you will need to pay the difference immediately.Failure to pay the funeral invoice on time may result in the funeral being cancelled.


  1. You have the right to cancel the funeral in writing within 7 days, we must receive your correspondence by post, hand delivered or email from the client.If you change your mind after the deceased has been brought into our care, there will be costs of the removal, care of the deceased and time in our care.Any costs incurred i.e. disbursements to third parties, specialist items, personalised items, will be deducted from the refund. This is usually for items that cannot be used again.


  1. We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in the delivery of any goods or services in the event of any strike, trade disputes, accident, fire, flood, inclement weather conditions etc, or any natural disaster or “Act of God”, that prevents goods or services order by you, some of which may mean the funeral being delayed. Such a delay shall not constitute a breach of contract between us, nor will you be entitled to claim for any loss or damage howsoever arising as a result of a Delay.


  1. If you require a cremation, we will agree with you, which crematoria will be used for the service. On occasion it may be necessary to change the location at which the deceased is due to be cremated. Examples of this may be if there has been a temporary closure of the crematorium, or if the coffin is oversized for the cremator at the chosen crematorium. Any issues that arise we will discuss with you, options and choices. The above does not make us liable for you to make any claims against us.Collection of Cremated RemainsShould no decision be made at the time of the funeral arrangement, the cremated remains will remain either at the crematorium pending instruction from the family. Or, they can be held in the care of Brunel for a maximum of 90 days. If after this time we have not had any clear instruction or contact by the client, Brunel will make every effort to contact the client.If we are unable to make contact, we will write to you by recorded delivery, or email. We will send 3 periodic letters to you if we have not had any response from the letters, with new instructions, after a further 60 days the cremated remains will be returned to the crematorium and dispersed in the garden of rest unless we have prior contact and arrangements made.If the client confirms that they would like Brunel to hold the ashes for a longer period of time then there will be a charge of £1 per day after the initial 90 days. This must be paid in advance.


  1. If you choose to have a burial, we will arrange with the cemeteries the purchase of a new grave. If you have an existing grave then you must bring us the Grave Deeds and proof of ownership. If you don’t have the grave deeds you must have the permission of the grave owner to open the grave.Any issues that arise outside of our control, means that we cannot be held liable nor can you not make any claims against us.


  1. Brunel may arrange for a donation box at the service. It is the responsibility of the family to collect and take the money immediately after the funeral. Brunel will not take responsibility for money left behind.


  1. If you require any masonry work, we will pass your instructions with your permission to a professional monumental masonry company.

How we may use your personal information

  1. We will use your personal information in the following way.
    1. We will have to pass your details to third parties, i.e. minister, crematoria/cemeteries etc (anyone who will be involved in the funeral).
    2. To supply the goods and/or services to you.
    3. To process your payment for the funeral and/or goods for you.


  1. Should you have any complaints relating to the funeral or other services provided by Brunel, please write to us at the address above and we will do our upmost to resolve any dispute.

Privacy Policy.

  1. If you wish to see our privacy policy please as a member of staff for a copy or alternatively you will be able to see this on our website.
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