South Bristol Crematorium

South Bristol Crematorium

Whether it be yours or your loved one’s wish to be cremated, Brunel Funeral Directors are here to remove the burden of arranging a funeral and offer the Brunel Service which is a simple 20-minute service for £2,380. The service will be held at either Canford or South Bristol Crematorium at 9.00, 9.30 or 10.00am.



Situated on Bridgewater Road, Bedminster Down in Bristol, South Bristol Crematorium is just a short drive from our funeral home in Westbury on Trym – and currently has a capacity for 100 mourners.

There is free car parking for all users – both outside the office and to the right of the chapel – including parking spaces for Blue Badge holders. For those using public transport, there is a bus stop within 150m of the crematorium and the closest train station is Parson Street, just a 40-minute walk.



The cemetery grounds are quiet and designed to offer comfort to the bereaved. South Bristol Crematorium provides facilities to accommodate the needs of all mourners attending a cremation service.

These include:

  • A sound system which can be heard both inside and outside of the chapel
  • An induction loop for those who use hearing aids
  • Disabled access (if required)

Large print hymn books are available for religious services and there’s the option to play CDs and tapes at South Bristol Crematorium.

Music choices are limitless, as long as a song has been officially recorded, we are able to play it at the service for you. DVDs and USBs are also now available to purchase.

For mourners with visual impairments, documents can be requested in Braille. And if they have a guide dog, a bowl of fresh water can be provided.

There is also plenty of toilet and baby changing facilities on-site for public use.



After the cremation has taken place at South Bristol Crematorium, you may wish to have your loved one’s name entered into the Book of Remembrance to mark the anniversary of their death. Although copies are available as folded remembrance cards and miniature books, you can visit the cemetery and see your message displayed on that day every year.

A memorial vase with an inscribed tablet is a beautiful way to pay homage to your loved one. This can be placed at the edge of the path in the memorial garden at South Bristol Crematorium – giving you a personal place to visit and place flowers.

If you wish, you can have cremated remains placed in a casket and buried in a small, private grave at the cemetery. This can be marked with either a bronze or granite memorial stone and an engraved inscription. Some designs have flower holders too.


Opening times

South Bristol Crematorium opening times vary depending on the time of year.

Summer season (April to October):

Monday to Friday – 9am to 7pm

Weekends and bank holidays – 11am to 4.30pm

Winter season (November to March):

Monday to Friday – 9am to 4.30pm

Weekends and bank holidays – 11am to 4.30pm

Please note that on special occasions, such as Christmas Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the cemetery is open between the hours of 9am and 4.30pm.

For more information about South Bristol Crematorium, or to book an appointment to visit the office, call the cemetery on 0117 903 8330.

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    South Bristol Crematorium - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the parking like at South Bristol Crematorium?

    If you’re thinking of driving to South Bristol Crematorium, but worried about finding somewhere to park, we can assure you that there is sufficient car parking available in front of the office.

    Parking is free to all users and there are disabled spaces that don’t need to be booked in advance, just remember to display your Blue Badge. The car park doesn’t have a height restriction barrier either, and there are no designated drop-off points.

    How do you book a cremation at South Bristol Crematorium?

    To book a cremation at South Bristol Cemetery and Crematorium, you will need to make an appointment before visiting the office (open from 9.00am till 4.00pm, Monday to Friday). Or, if you prefer, we can take care of the arrangements on your behalf – giving you one less thing to worry about.

    Our Brunel cremation is an all-inclusive service that costs £1950 and includes:

    • a simple 30-minute service
    • the conveyancing of the deceased into our care
    • a basic coffin and gown
    • the completion of the necessary documentation
    • the provision of a hearse, funeral directors and pallbearers on the day
    • the scattering of ashes or collection from the crematorium/funeral home
    • all disbursements (i.e. crematorium fees, doctors fees, minister fees, etc.)

    If you’d like to know more about booking a cremation service at South Bristol Crematorium, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Can service booklets be provided in Braille and/or large print?

    Absolutely! If anyone attending the service is visually impaired or blind – or you want to accommodate the needs of those who struggle to read the small print (even with their glasses on!) – documents can be requested in Braille or large font. This could be anything from the order of service to the prayers, readings and any songs. And remember, assistance dogs are welcome.

    The staff at South Bristol Crematorium also receive disability awareness and equality training. Some even have BSL (British Sign Language) skills. Although these members of staff aren’t always on duty, this is a service that can be provided.

    Is a cremation right for my loved one?

    You know your loved one best, so only you know the exact answer to this question.

    However, we’re able to provide some advice.

    Many express their wishes before they pass. However, if your loved one hasn’t, there are a few factors that might help you make this decision.

    Firstly, were they religious? Often, religious beliefs influence the decision as some religions prohibit cremations, whilst others prefer it over burial.

    Cremation also offers more flexibility than a burial.

    Once your loved one’s cremation has been completed, you can pick up their ashes whenever this feels right to you. Once you have these ashes, it’s up to you where they’re kept.

    Some choose to scatter then in a place they associate with their loved ones – a place they enjoyed visiting together perhaps – while others choose to keep them close by in the home. You might even choose to have the ashes put into a piece of jewellery, enabling you to carry your loved one with you everywhere.

    Choosing what to do with the ashes is a personal decision. So, if your family members each have different ideas, ashes can also be separated out. This enables each family member to do what feels right for them.

    And finally, is the cost a massive factor? If so, cremation typically costs less than a burial.

    How can I remember my loved one after their cremation?

    Your memories of your loved one will live on forever, however it’s understandable you’ll want something physical to help you remember them, their face and the impact they had on you.

    Often, when a cremation is chosen, there’s no graveside to visit. Instead, people find their own ways to remember their loved one.

    A simple yet effective way to remember someone is by creating a memorial scrap book.

    You can spend some time with other family members as well as your loved one’s friends, sharing stories and viewing photographs. These stories can be written down onto pages within your scrap book with copies of the photos to accompany them. This will give you something to look through when the grief is feeling a little too much.

    Memory teddies are another great choice. If your loved one had a favourite item of clothing, or you picture them wearing a specific item of clothing – a warm, cosy jumper perhaps – this can be made into a teddy. This is especially great for younger children, giving them something physical to help them hold onto their special memories.

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