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COVID-19 Information

Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a very concerning time for everyone right now. We want to reassure you that we are continuing to take the greatest care of our families and arrange funerals in the best possible way. We are keeping up to date with the latest government guidance on funerals and will keep our families informed of any changes.

If someone has passed away at home.

Please contact us at any time, we still cover a 24hr service. We will ask you for the normal information, but we will now also include asking if you know if the deceased or anyone in the property has tested positive for coronavirus. When we arrive, our men will be wearing PPE as a standard precaution, in the event that someone could be asymptomatic. We ask that you follow social distancing whilst our staff are with you.

Arranging the funeral

Where possible we are trying to keep you safe as well as our staff. We will arrange funerals over the phone wherever possible, to minimise contact. Once done we will send the funeral director to your home to hand you the paperwork that has been completed, it will be clearly labelled for you to sign. It is nice for you to meet the funeral director so you know who will be looking after you on the day of the funeral.

If you come to the funeral home to sign the paperwork then you will be asked to wear a mask and sanitise your hands.

All paperwork will be laid out ready for you visit and clearly marked for signing.

  • There are gloves if you wish, masks and automatic hand sanitiser are available in reception.
  • No more than 2 clients may visit the home at any time.
  • We regularly clean all surfaces in the funeral home and use a sanitising fogging machine to sanitise the air.


During this lockdown we are not offering limousines on funerals. We will bring the hearse to an address should family want to follow to the crematorium.
If the deceased has been tested positive for COVID-19 then due to the airborne nature of the virus we cannot permit visiting in the chapel.
We also cannot take fingerprints for jewellery but you do have the option of ashes into glass keepsakes.

We apologise for any additional stress this may cause but we have a duty of care to you our client and also to the health and safety of our staff.

Funeral Options

Funerals are becoming very expensive and worrying about the finances of arranging a funeral for your loved one is not something we want you to have to do. So along with being able to offer funeral safe and a probate solicitor we have done our upmost to remain one of the most competitively priced funeral homes in Bristol.

You will find that our prices are lower than most funeral homes but we absolutely refuse to compromise on our levels of dignity, quality, personal service and excellence that we pride ourselves in offering every family.

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Direct cremations are a good choice for those that are unable to travel or attend due to shielding and self-isolation. Families are taking the option of having this service but also thinking of arranging a memorial service to remember and celebrate their loved one on a later date or even on a special birthday or anniversary.

The direct cremation provides a simple but dignified service attended only by the Funeral Director and bearers.

We will arrange the following:

  • Collection of the deceased within office hours, (a surcharge of £75 will apply outside these hours).
  • All necessary required paperwork.
  • Doctor’s Fees
  • And More…

Click ‘Read More‘ below to find out more about the Direct Cremation Service.

A simple service at either Canford or South Bristol Crematoriums (either 09.00, 09.30 or 10.00 am service – each service time allocated is 30 minutes). £2380.00

A simple service at Westerleigh Crematorium, (either 0900, 09.30 or 10.00 am service – each service time allocated is 30 minutes) £2395.00

View what’s included within the package, and all additional information by clicking on the ‘Read More‘ below.

The costs of funerals vary considerably and may include lot of different factors, choices and options. Whether you are looking for a burial or cremation, if you already own a grave or need to purchase one. If you are thinking about a church service before the cremation or burial. We are able to discuss your options and choices and provide you with a very individual service, and a full quote.

We are very transparent with all our costs and will always keep you fully informed of any services we provide. We may not always have all the costs for you at the time we speak but will always inform you of costs to make sure you are happy to move forward or to discuss alternative options.

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Many people are now thinking ahead and planning for their funerals. We offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Leaves. Taking out a funeral plan takes the burden away from your family, and gives peace of mind.

There are sever options of plans from simple to bespoke, and you also have options in which way you decide to pay. Click on the ‘Read More‘ button below, to find out the benefits of planning ahead.

We offer a wide range of services, from flowers to Jewellery and memorabilia:

  • Flowers: We offer all kinds of floral tributes from a simple single flower to a large bespoke arrangement.
  • Jewellery and keepsakes: A wide range of jewellery and keepsakes are available.
  • Caskets & Scatter tubes: There is a large choice of caskets from, wooden, stone, granite, paper and glass.
  • Repatriation: Full repatriation services available.
  • Masonry: We deal with all types of monumental masonry enquiries.

View our range of services by clicking on the ‘Read More‘ button below.

We will help you through the process
every step of the way.

Leave your number below for a call to discuss your situation

You can leave us an email at or call 0117 374 2002

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which funeral service is best for my loved one?

    First things first, did the deceased take out a funeral plan? If yes, they have probably included details of what type of service they would like, as well as their preferred flowers, transport, reading, hymns/music, etc.

    If your loved one died suddenly or never took out a funeral plan, don’t worry. The team at Brunel Funeral Directors can help you to make the arrangements by taking into consideration the needs of the deceased and your budget.

    Some people want to have a traditional burial or a religious ceremony, whereas others would much rather have a simple send-off.

    Our funeral directors in Bristol will be more than happy to talk you through the different options available at our funeral home in Westbury on Trym. We’ll never rush you into making any decisions either, so take as long as you need!

    How much does a simple yet dignified service cost?

    Not everyone wants a traditional funeral service or burial plot when they die. And that’s where a direct cremation comes in.

    This includes a simple cremation service with no mourners, minister or ceremony – just the funeral director and pallbearers. It allows the deceased to be laid to rest in a dignified manner, and the family to gather at a later date or on a special occasion (i.e. a special birthday or anniversary) to celebrate the life of their loved one.

    When compared to other funeral types, which can cost thousands of pounds, a direct cremation is the cheapest option. At Brunel Funeral Directors, our prices start from £1250 in Andover and £1459 in Bristol.

    Of course, an oversized coffin will increase the price, but our team will be more than happy to offer a tailored quote for a simple, dignified funeral service. So, why not give us a call on 0117 374 2002?

    Can a funeral service be personalised?

    Absolutely! Here at Brunel Funeral Directors, we offer a host of traditional funeral services and bespoke options to suit both yours and the deceased’s needs.

    Whether your loved one had a special request regarding transport on the day of the funeral or they asked for a certain song to be played at the service, let us know.  We’ll do everything we can to help you give them the send-off they would have wanted.

    Another great way to personalise the funeral service is to opt for a specialist coffin or casket and adorn it with beautiful coffin sprays, wreaths or letters to spell out their name.

    Some people also ask mourners to dress in a certain colour, as opposed to the traditional all-black funeral attire, following the deceased’s wishes. Vibrant colours often reflect their life and personality.

    For more tips on how to create an individual funeral service for your family member or friend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our funeral directors in Bristol.

    How long does it take to organise a funeral?

    Funerals often take place within 1-2 weeks after the death. However, it can take longer depending on the circumstances.

    For example, if the death was unexpected or suspicious, a coroner may need to carry out an inquest which can delay the process of making the arrangements for the funeral. Similarly, if family need to travel long distances to attend the funeral, you may consider organising it for several weeks after the death.

    Here at Brunel Funeral Directors, our caring and compassionate team can assist with every aspect of the funeral arrangements – including planning when the funeral should take place – taking into account the needs of the deceased, minister and mourners.

    It’s hard to put a timescale on things when organising a funeral, as everyone grieves differently. That’s why our Bristol-based funeral directors will talk you through the different options and never rush you into making a decision.

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