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Funeral services in Bath - Brunel Funeral Directors is here to help.

As one of Bristol’s leading independent funeral directors, we have been serving our local community for the past 45 years and will be more than happy to assist you at our bright and welcoming funeral home on the edge of Westbury on Trym, just a short drive from Bath.

To find out more about the services funeral directors in Bath provide, give us a call on 0117 374 2002.

What we do

Losing someone you love is never easy – but seeking advice and support from funeral directors can be comforting at such a difficult and emotional time.

Whilst there are many funeral directors in Bath, few offer more compassion and transparency than us. And we are very proud to be able to offer our bereaved families a personal service of care and excellence – working hard to keep our prices low and standards high. We’ll also care for your loved one at our funeral home until the day of the funeral.


Funeral services and packages

Here at Brunel Funeral Directors, we like to do things differently to other funeral directors in Bath.

Our caring and compassionate team is on hand 24/7 to fully support you through the process of arranging the funeral. We will give you the time you need to make the choices that are right for you and the rest of your family.

We offer a variety of funeral packages, including:

  • Direct Cremation – a simple cremation with no one attending, no minister or service – starting from £1250 (inclusive of disbursements). Ideal for those who want to keep things simple for their family when they die, as the bereaved don’t have to make any tough decisions about the coffin, flower arrangements, transport and venues.


  • The Brunel Cremation – our most popular package, delivered with complete compassion and care. It includes the conveyancing of the deceased into our funeral home, preparation of the body for the service and a simple coffin. We’ll also organise the documents and doctor and minister fees, as well as the hearse, limousine, directors and bearers (if required).

Our Brunel Cremation service includes a 20-minute service at either Canford, South Bristol or Westerleigh Crematorium. However, if you would prefer to use Haycombe Crematorium, then this is another option we can offer.


  • The Bespoke Service – this is our favourite option as it allows you to create a personal commemoration to celebrate the life of the person who has died. This funeral package gives you the choice to tailor the service to suit both yours and the deceased’s wishes with specialist hearses, coffins, flower arrangements, music, etc.

If you can’t decide which funeral service to choose, don’t worry. Our team can talk you through the options available, either at our funeral home, your home or over the telephone. It’s entirely up to you.


Additional funeral services

Most funeral directors in Bath will help you to make the funeral arrangements. However, at Brunel Funeral Directors, we not only assist you in deciding between a crematorium and burial, but we also provide a variety of other services, ensuring that every funeral is as unique as your loved one and caters to their exact wishes.

Ranging from simple bouquets to large, bespoke letters and numbers, we offer all kinds of floral tributes and can care for them at our funeral home until the day of the funeral.

Memorabilia, such as jewellery and keepsakes, is also available to purchase, as well as wooden, stone, granite, paper and glass caskets and scatter tubes.

Something else our funeral directors near Bath can help with is masonry. We deal with all types of monumental masonry requirements, so if you have any special requests regarding the gravestone or memorial plaque, please get in touch.


Funeral plans

Taking out a funeral plan can help to secure your family’s future – meaning that, when the time comes, they needn’t worry about the financial and emotional pressure of arranging your funeral.

At first glance, you might not know which funeral plan is right for you. It’s for this reason that many people seek advice from funeral directors in Bath (or close by).

At Brunel Funeral Directors, we provide pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Leaves and will listen carefully to your requirements before recommending a plan that suits your needs and wishes best. You can then either pay for it upfront or in monthly instalments. It’s entirely your choice.


Get in touch

Brunel Funeral Directors is delighted to offer a unique service for families in Bath and we pride ourselves on affordable funerals with uncompromising care and compassion.

As you’d expect from funeral directors in Bath, our team is on hand 24/7 – ready to provide unlimited advice and guidance in a very relaxed environment.

If you have any questions at all, you’re more than welcome to contact us. Simply call us on 0117 374 2002 or send us an online message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can come and visit us at our funeral home near Bath. You don’t need to book an appointment, however, doing so will ensure that someone can cater to your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to invite people to a funeral?

Most people we speak with prefer to call people and invite them personally, rather than using invitations.

The easiest way to do this is to use your loved one’s address book if they have one to contact close friends, co-workers and family. You can also ask these people to pass the information to others who may want to attend, but who you would otherwise struggle to reach.

Sharing the information using a funeral notice in your local newspaper is the most traditional way of sharing funeral information and can be helpful for past friends or acquaintances who you may not otherwise know about.

In this modern day it’s common to share funeral information on social media. Whether this be an open invitation via a status update or inviting specific people to a private event page. Just be aware that not everyone has social media, so using this method works best when combined with another.

What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation is a surprisingly popular choice with some notable names having chosen this option – David Bowie and John Lennon included.

A direct cremation is where the deceased is cremated with no accompanying funeral ceremony.

Aside from the funeral staff, no one attends a direct cremation. It allows for a simple yet dignified, fuss-free service.

A direct cremation allows you, and other mourners, to bid farewell in your own time, in your own way, away from the pressures of a perfect funeral service.

Often your loved one will have specified they would prefer a direct cremation before their passing. There are many reasons for this, maybe they want to avoid the fuss and expense of a funeral. Or they may just prefer to their family and friends to celebrate their life in another way, an informal gathering or tree planting ceremony perhaps.

If you would like to find out more about a direct cremation service, call our experts on 0117 374 2002.

Can children attend a funeral?

Unless you’re told otherwise by the organiser, the choice is yours to make.

Remember, funerals are emotional and often stressful events. Younger children may not understand what is going on, and if they do, they may not be able to cope with the emotional burden.

Firstly, consider how long the funeral will last. Is your child likely to sit quietly for this amount of time? If you think they’ll struggle to stay settled, then think about leaving them at home with a babysitter.

Children can be unpredictable. Even if you think your child will sit quietly, maybe consider taking a toy or book with you ‘just in case’.

Are there other children going? You could speak to their parents beforehand and come up with a plan, taking it in turns to watch the children.

If you’re going to be heavily involved in the service, you may want to ask someone your child is familiar with to sit with them. This will allow you to carry out your duties knowing your child is being well looked after.

You could even ask your child if they want to attend, provided they’re old enough to understand of course. Make sure they know what to expect. You might find they aren’t comfortable attending the funeral.

Do I need a funeral director?

You don’t need a funeral director to help organise a funeral, but it does help make things easier during this tough time.

Funeral directors can advise and support you every step of the way, taking the additional stress away from you, and making sure the funeral is reflective of your loved one.

Your funeral director will be able to assist with choosing your venue, booking your time and date, as well as some of the details on the day, floral arrangements and music, for example.

Your funeral director can be as involved in the organisation as you want them to be. They can handle the majority of the planning, or simply be used for advice or arranging certain aspects of the day.

Your funeral director will also be there on the day, ensuring everything runs smoothly and providing a familiar face to the family so you can concentrate on paying your respects and celebrating the life of your loved one.

Here at Brunel Funeral Directors near Bath we provide a service with a personal touch and are on hand 24/7 to provide unwavering support.

Get in touch with our friendly experts by calling 0117 374 2002 or filling in our online enquiry form.

Get in touch

If you need funeral directors in Long Ashton or nearby, then contact the team at Brunel Funeral Directors.

We’re always on hand to help with the funeral arrangements, ensuring every aspect is perfect, and can offer bereavement support for as long as you need – even after the funeral has taken place.

Simply give us a call on 0117 374 2002, email or book an appointment and visit us at our funeral home in Westbury on Trym. We’ll pop the kettle on and discuss your requirements over a nice cup of tea or coffee.

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