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Unwavering support at the toughest of times

Grief is a unique emotion, with no two people experiencing it in the same way. And that’s absolutely fine – what’s important at this time, is making sure you’ve got a great support system to lean on.

Dealing with the emotions that come with the death of a loved one is never easy. But, at Brunel Funeral Directors near Corsham, we’re here to support you, ensuring your loved one receives the best possible send off.

What we do

We’re with you every step of the way, providing an entirely tailored service.

We understand this is an extremely tough time, which is why you can be as involved in the planning process as you want to be. So, whether you choose to get involved as much as possible, or would rather take a step back, you can rest assured our dedicated team have your best interests at heart.

From booking the time and date of your service, to supplying the floral arrangements and helping with music choices, we can provide everything to make the service the perfect reflection of your loved one.

During this time, you’ll be experiencing a mix of emotions, so we don’t want you to make any rash decisions. That’s why we’ll never rush you or push you into making a decision – we’ll work to your timeline.

Funeral arrangements

The service should reflect your loved one’s wishes. Whilst some may wish for a large service with an even bigger celebration of life afterwards, others may prefer an intimate service with just their closest relatives and friends attending.

Here at Brunel Funeral Directors, we offer several funeral packages near Corsham, including:

·         Traditional funeral arrangements

Our traditional funeral arrangements are entirely bespoke, meaning no matter your requirements, we’ll do our best to make them happen.

From the funeral cars to the coffin and even the dress code, this service can reflect the exact requirement of your loved one.

·         The Brunel Cremation

The Brunel Funeral service provides the perfect, simple yet dignified cremation service. Before the cremation, there will be a short service in which stories can be shared, poems can be read, and songs can be sung. Once the service has concluded, the coffin will be left for a short amount of time for people to pay their respects before being cremated.

·         Direct cremation

Direct cremation is the simplest of the services we offer, and is often preferred by those whose final wish was to keep things as simple as possible. There will be no formal service and no attendees will be present, but rest assured we will look after your loved one right up until they’re in the trusted hands of the crematorium team.

Other services

Organising a funeral can make this difficult time even more trying. That’s why we always go the extra mile, making the process as straightforward for you as possible.

For many, floral arrangements prove to be a gorgeous homage to their loved one.

Whether it be gorgeous, bright arrangements to adorn the hearse, or a more simplistic, baby-breath arrangement to provide the perfect graveside tribute, we’re happy to help organise this on your behalf. We’ll also look after your floral arrangements until the day of the service, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Remembering your loved one in their purest form is important. Whether you want to carry their memory with you in the form of memorial jewellery or would like a memory teddy created from their favourite piece of clothing, this is also something we’re able to provide.

We also offer a full masonry service, ensuring a gravestone worthy of your loved one.

Funeral plans

Funerals can be costly, so taking out a funeral plan can prove to be a smart decision.

Not only will this save your family the financial burden, but it will also mean you can plan ahead. You’ll be able to make your own decisions about your funeral and any special requests will be carried out as you wish, ensuring you’re given the ultimate send off.

We offer pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Leaves, so you can rest assured your money is held securely in a trust until your passing.

With a number of plans available, you’re able to choose the one best suited to your wishes. Plus, there are a few ways to pay – including one upfront payment as well as monthly instalments – so you can pay however suits you best.

If you would like to know more about our funeral plans, our funeral directors near Corsham are happy to help. Simply get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a funeral cost?

For a funeral in the UK, you can expect to pay between £3000 and £4000, depending on the location and funeral arrangements.

A cremation generally costs less than a burial, but your loved one will still receive a simple yet dignified send-off.

An entirely bespoke funeral will understandably be more expensive – with the ceremony personally designed to reflect their final wishes.

Our funeral directors near Corsham will discuss all the funeral services and packages available, so you can decide which best suits the requests of your loved one and your budget.

If you’re planning ahead and wondering how you can reduce funeral costs, we recommend taking out a funeral plan. This will allow you to pay for the funeral you want at today’s rate – regardless of inflation. Not only will it save your family the financial burden of organising your funeral, but you can have your say on every aspect.

Can children attend funerals?

Often, parents choose not to take babies and children under the age of 3 to funerals, in case they make too much noise during the service.

Funerals are extremely emotional and stressful events, and young children may not understand what is going on.

If your child is old enough to know what’s happening, you may wish to give them the choice to attend the funeral, and their decision should be respected.

If you decide to take your children with you, make sure you explain to them what will happen throughout the day, so they know what to expect. It’s also worth taking a book or toy with you, just in case they become bored or restless.

And if you’re going to be involved in the service (i.e. standing at the front and reading a poem or the eulogy), consider asking someone your children are familiar with to sit with them. At least then you can relax knowing that they are being looked after and, if they wish to leave, they won’t be on their own.

If you’re still unsure about taking your children to a funeral, talk to our funeral directors close to Corsham. Either give us a call on 0117 374 2002 or visit our funeral home.

What happens after the funeral has taken place?

After the funeral service, your loved one will be buried or cremated, depending on their wishes.

Many families choose to have a catered funeral reception (otherwise known as a wake). This allows close friends and family to gather and reminisce about the life of their loved one, sharing fond memories and raising a glass to them.

The reception may take place immediately after the ceremony or a few hours later. It can be held at a public venue or your family home and will typically last several hours before mourners depart.

Alternatively, you may decide not to have a reception on the day of the funeral and instead, have a memorial service at a later date. This could be on their birthday or the anniversary of their death, or even the day that you collect the ashes and scatter them.

However you choose to celebrate the life of your loved one, our funeral directors near Corsham will be on hand to offer bereavement support, long after the funeral has taken place. So, if you ever need someone to talk to, our door is always open.

What should you wear to a funeral?

If you’ve never attended a funeral before, you might be wondering what to wear.

Black, conservative and respectful funeral attire is often the preferred and more traditional choice. Men usually wear a smart black (or dark coloured) suit with a white shirt, black tie and black shoes.

Women tend to avoid anything too flashy or revealing – opting for a black knee-length skirt or dress, smart pants and a blouse, or a jumpsuit.. Black flat shoes are preferable, but sensible heels and boots are acceptable too.

It’s not uncommon for families to choose the dress code, asking mourners to wear a less traditional funeral colour. For example, it could be their loved one’s favourite colour or a football or rugby shirt to acknowledge their love of the sport.

If the dress code is different from the usual all-black funeral attire, you will be informed by the family or close friends of the deceased.

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